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538 E. County Rd 400 S.
Kokomo, IN 46902

These past couple years our church has implemented a few new things for our youth. Not only did we want to grow our local church, we also wanted to find a way to grow the churches all throughout our assembly. We have strived to come up with something for our youth. What we have done is two things. We have what's called “Huddle”. And then we have our COGUA Discord Gaming. Here is a brief explanation of both.

Huddle is an event we hold once a month for our youth. We provide food for the kids, play games, and it’s just good fellowship with the kids. It’s a night, where the kids can unwind from all the stress of this world. Whether it be from school, or their homelife. It’s also a night, where kids can be with other kids their age. They can invite and bring their friends. With the games, come prizes they can win. During each event, they compete to win “Rex”. Which is the name of the golden elephant that will give them “bragging rights” for the month. Not only can they win prizes at Huddle, we implemented a way for them to earn points to win prizes at church as well. They can earn points by: coming to Church, reciting a Bible verse from the previous Sunday, participating in Sunday School, bringing a friend to Church, etc.


COGUA Discord Gaming is something we have recently started up this year. This is an app that is available on all devices. And what this app does. It creates a way for teens to interact with one another, all throughout our Assembly. This app allows you to speak to one another as you play video games, like a lot of teens do. They’re able to offer up prayer requests, and have Bible discussions, host events, and so much more. With the short period COGUA Discord Gaming has been up and running, we have reached around 40-50 members across our Assembly. We hope God will allow it to grow and reach others.

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