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Church History

Almost one hundred years ago a tall thin young man in lower Appalachia answered God’s call on his life. Concerned that the church of his upbringing embraced doctrines and policies that were not based upon God’s word, he began to question their teachings. As his personal growth and study progressed, Charles T. Pratt (better known as C.T. Pratt) began to preach the Bible as God revealed it to him in the southern regions of the United States. The constant thread in his message was the plea, “Come go to heaven with me”. The Church of God of The Union Assembly was founded with God’s Word as its only guide and that thread has remained constant. “Come go to heaven with us”!

Throughout its one hundred year history our church has been committed to Christ’s message to his disciples, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel…”  The message was carried from coast to coast and from border to border by countless men who moved as needed from state to state, hundreds or even thousands of miles to care for congregations needing shepherding. Each one packing up belongings and uprooting family. With no promise of accommodations or livelihood, unsure of what might be waiting at the appointed destination. Always more concerned with what was waiting when this life is over rather than any hardship they might encounter. This wasn’t a once in a lifetime experience. This nomadic life became the norm for these families.

Space here prohibits the names of these men and their families from being listed. Those of us who follow in their footsteps remain eternally grateful for their example and their faithfulness. We also are mindful that God keeps a record of every deed done in His Son’s name. Those men and women are not to be forgotten. From the desert southwest to the Midwest to the deep south, many of the congregations they served are still vibrant and serving their communities. As God blessed the church to expand, very often the accompanying challenges seemed insurmountable. They were not unexpected. Without exception every challenge was met by a demonstration of God’s sovereign grace and power.


Today we embrace the 21st century with renewed vigor and excitement. Always remembering that “the messenger may change, the message never does.” Through community food distribution, electronic media, multiple ministries for every age group, and concerned, compassionate pastors, the local church remains the primary means through which we fulfill Christ’s mandate; “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” For details of more information please contact one of our local churches or the General Office in Dalton, GA.

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